Monday, April 6, 2009

Guest Tutorial: Easy Made Clouds From Cardboard Template

Since I am busily getting ready for next week's New Release, I dont have any new samples of my own to share with you today. But Dawn has prepared a fun tutorial for you showing how she makes her beautiful clouds in the background of her cards. This is a cheap tool solution that produces wonderful results, dont you think?

As for Dawn, she is NOT a cheap solution but a wonderful result of our DT seach a few months ago! :-) Im so thrilled to have her talented help to showcase our stamps. Plus she is a kind soul who is always cheery and sweet. Getting to know her has been a real treat! Stop by her blog to view more of her talented designs.

Easy Made Clouds From Cardboard Template

Scallop scissors
Thin cardboard (like from a cereal box)
Sponge (dauber, make-up sponge etc)
Ink (I used Distress inks, but dye inks will work also)
Stamps ( Thought I’d Bug You by Artful INKables)

Step 1:

Cut a strip of cardboard with the scalloped scissors, it doesn’t have to be evenly cut. I like to make it long enough to fit across my cardstock so it extends off the edges. You can see my template has been used and abused!

Step 2:

Stamp and mask your image.

Step 3:

Starting at the top portion of your card, sponge off the edge of the template. Angle the template as you start working down the card to give your clouds a more natural look. Remember, you can always add more color but you can’t remove it!

Step 4:

You can add other shades of blue or even purples…or try adding a little yellows and oranges here and there! I added a darker blue at the top and several other areas, again changing the angle of the template as I sponged.
*So what do you do with the ground if the clouds don’t cover your entire surface? I tore a piece of copy paper unevenly in half, using one to sponge off lightly for the sky and the opposite piece (which fits like a puzzle piece) to sponge off for the ground.

Step 5:

Finish your card and have fun!


Elena said...

Wonderful tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing it!

toners said...

Fantastic tutorial! Thanks Dawn!

Kerri said...

Awesome tutorial, Dawn! Your card is just beautiful!

chelemom said...

Awesome tutorial! Will definitely give this a try! Love your cute card too!

Lisa (lakind) said...

I like your idea of cutting with decorative scissors to make the template longer! And I like the darker blue you used, too! TFS, Dawn!


Doris said...

This is my first visit to your WONDERFUL blog, and it's now on my bookmarks list! You have a nice variety of styles and images.

Keri Lee Sereika said...

Wow that is so awesome!!! I love your clouds!