Monday, March 3, 2008

A question from the 'mailbag'

There was a question posed to me today that I feel needs answered here so that all may understand. Here is the question:

I just have a question I have ordered from you before. Was Pond Friends a set before I have the turtle and the fish and the cattails but not the rest of those in the set. Just curious if maybe I missed something before??? Thanks Kim

First and formost, this is a new company that just opened on the first of March. My designs were previously produced and sold by Starving Artistamps but as of January 2008, I have separated from that company and opened my own store. In doing so, I have made some different choices than Starving Artistamps. Over there, my images were sold individually in both wood mounted format and unmounted (just the rubber piece). As the designer of the images I felt that since they were designed to go together, they should be sold together in a set. So my stamps are now sold in sets, already mounted on cling foam and conveniently stored in a cd jewel case.

As for those who ordered from SA prior to my split with them, I cannot give any refunds or make any adjustment since I never received the payment in the first place. However, If you already own parts of a set I sell and would like to purchase the remainder of the set, please email me at and I will quote you a price based on just the pieces you need. (This offer is subject to the availability of the images requested.)

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