Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inspirations from Twilight Tuesday & AI

We have a Special Surprise for you today! We teamed up with the gals over at Twilight Tuesday this week to bring you a Twilight Inspired Challenge featuring 2 of our new stamp sets and the new charms. Click on the banner below for more details. Hint: there will be prizes!!

Today's Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge is:“ What Says Twilight To You? "

So many things say "Twilight" to the multitudes of Twilight fans. What images do you think of when you think about the Twilight books and movies? For some, Twilight means an apple, for some, the chess piece on the cover of Breaking Dawn, and for others, Bella's truck conjures it up. Many fans love to express their Twilight love by choosing a "team" to root for, and others have favorite quotes from the book that are near and dear to them. Please create a piece that expresses what comes to mind when YOU think of the Twilight saga.

Personally I loved the Twilight books. (You could probably guess that by the fact that they inspired two of my stamp set designs *grin*.) I've read the books 3 times (except for the last one) but for me the thing that comes to mind when I think of the stories is the excitement I feel when I talk about the saga with others. I love using certain quotes in everyday life and having others recognize their origin, sharing favorite parts of the books, favorite characters and deconstructing the motives and feelings of the characters. So with this knowledge in mind, I came up with my creation for the Twilight Tuesday Challenge.

What says Twilight to me? Announcing my love of the books and Sharing the Magic.

How can I share the magic? With badge pins!

This set of 6 pins and the package to show them off was made using the Fictionally Inspired Stamp set. Unfortunately I only had access to a small (rather cheap) button maker so I was limited in the size of stamps I could use but I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the badges it made. I'm sure if you could use a more professional button maker you could get some great variety in size and shape. The tool I used is called the 100% Cool Badge Maker by Fashion Angel Enterprises. Here are some close-ups of those buttons:

On some of these I used punched pieces of card stock, dp and even glitter on the 'Team Edward' one. For the topper, I printed the 'Share the Magic' wording on my computer and doodled the corners with a fine tip pen. The Vampire teeth were colored white with a Gelly Roll White Gel Pen.

Now, be sure to check out the blogs of Joy, Holly, Joanne and Elena to see what they did for this challenge and then cruise on over to the Twilight Tuesday Blog to see all they have to share!


Jacqueline said...

Love the buttons!!! they are PERFECT!! Thanks so much for teaming up with Twilight Tuesday! It has been a wonderful experience and I LOVE the stamp sets!!

Tonya Klar said...

These are adorable!! What a fantastic idea!! Now I wish I had a button maker!! Mwahahahaha! Kristin, I want to thank you for letting TTIC be a part of your fantastic release! We're honored to work with you and your DT and are so very thrilled to have you all playing with us today! We hope you will be inspired to play again!

ellepaulette said...

OME! Those buttons are so fantastic!! Great job making them!
Thank you for letting twilight Tueday be a part of your stamp release! Love the stamps and your charms are wonderful!!

Eve said...

These are amazing! What a great idea to make these! My daughter has a teeny-tiny badge maker that she got as an incentive for selling Girl Scout cookies! Thank you SOOOO much for sending the stamps! I am so lucky! Not only are the images amazing- the quality of the stamps is the best ever! And I have been telling EVERYONE just that! Can't wait to see all the Twilight projects! Keep in touch.

Alison said...

I love these pins! I am totally going to make them! Thank you so much for teaming up with Twilight Tuesday! I so love those stamps! I am having a blast with them!!!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

OME! Those buttons are AWESOME!!!
Thanks so much for letting us play with your brilliant creations! I am in love with these stamps!!! :*)

Kerri said...

These are so cool, Kristin! What a perfect project!

deconstructing jen said...

What a great idea to use the stamps to make buttons!! Those are great! Thanks so much for teaming up with us for this! It's been so much fun!!

Julie said...

Kristin - we at Twilight Tuesday SOOO appreciate your inviting us to be part of your stamp release. Our Design Team is having the BEST TIME EVER playing with your new sets -- they are just gorgeous, and so high quality! In fact, we're going to be displaying extra projects with the sets on our blog for the next few days! Thank you for everything, Kristin - we have really enjoyed this and appreciate your generosity.

And also -- I LOVE the buttons! That is such a clever thing to do - perfect for any Twilight fan!

Unknown said...

These are just gorgeous Kirstin....Wow!
Thankyou so much for letting us be apart of this fantastic realese...The stamp sets are fantastic and beautiful to work with! Hey, am I the only one to have them Australia? That would be cool! I know my friends here are going to be very jealous, but I will encourage them to visit you soon to get some of there own! Xx

Cathy Rulli said...

These are really cool Kristin!!