Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Get Well Thanks!

A big THANKS to Jennifer over at her Glitter in my Hair crafting blog for the lovely Get Well card she sent using AI stamps! I really appreciate you thinking of me Jennifer and I LOVE that you sent a card using our stamps...how cool is that? I'm posting her card here for all of you to enjoy but be sure to visit her blog for all the card making details.

And for those of you who have asked for an update on our healing: we are both doing well! Thanks! My daughter is all healed and has moved on. As for me, there were some setbacks but lots of progress. The setback...a broken foot bone that went unnoticed in the ER. The progress, I now have a walking cast boot which makes it much easier to walk. In fact I can get around the house without crutches and even take the stairs to bed. The less injured ankle is much stronger due to my physical therapy and is also making it much easier to get around. A few more weeks and I should be as good as new like my daughter.


Marie said...

That's good to hear that you are on the mend and they figured out that you needed some more "help" with your foot. That is an adorable card too, I'm sure it brought a smile to your face. Take care!!

JenMarie said...

Rest up!!!
Oh, this is beautiful! Love the bling in the corner!

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

Kristin, I'm so happy to hear you are making good progress on your recovery! A walking cast is a BIG upgrade from the wheelchair! You will be dancing in no time. :-)

I am glad you liked the card. I knew I had to send something when I saw your story. I hope it brought you a smile. That image is fabulous to work with - I love all of your flowers! Take care~